Who We Are

The Sacred Inclusion Network (formerly known as the Diversity and Spirituality Network) is a project of Group Relations International.

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 What We Do

The Sacred Inclusion Network (formerly known as the Diversity and Spirituality Network),is  an emergent community that explores the diversity and spirituality nexus.

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 Why Us ?

We create and offer venues for exploration, healing and personal growth that aspire to be free of dogma .

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Recent Events

Healing Our Divides: Practicing Public Kinship

What does it mean, in a time of unprecedented social division and rancor, to love thy neighbor as thyself? What are the

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Spiritual Constellations

Generation after generation, our inherited emotional and behavioral imprints keep showing up in our lives. Unknowingly, we may carry forth our ancestors

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Our Ancestors, Our Selves

We all have ancestors that can give us support, guidance and healing. But few modern or religious traditions outline ways to come

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Recent Podcasts

The Sara Minkara Story

Don't think of Sara Minkara as a blind person. Think of her

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Touching the Jaguar

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“Touching the Jaguar”

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About the Founders

Angelo John Lewis

(Executive Director)

Executive Director of DSN and a life and business coach and consultant who has designed, developed and conducted group problem solving, team and community building interventions... 

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Cindy Franklin 

(Associate Director)

Executive coach, consultant and facilitator based in the Bay Area. She's worked with executives one-on-one, conducted strategic planning and visioning sessions ... 

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René Molenkamp (Associate Director)

International Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach. As one of the co-founders of Group Relations International he organizes and facilitates spiritual and silent retreats... 

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