The Sacred Inclusion Network

The Sacred Inclusion Network is a network of people who, as one of your members put it, "act from the knowledge that our spirit is connected to all life, all people, all time, all dimensions." Our foundational principles are embedded in our former name, the Diversity and Spirituality Network. True to our roots, we honor all expressions of the sacred without discrimination, with a bias towards accepting as truth what was best expressed by Sting's The Police, back in the day: "We Are Spirits/In the Material World." We believe that there is something greater than ourselves that transcends our differences and that the process of collectively exploring that “something greater”is inherently transformative, not only for ourselves, but for our communities and the world. Accordingly, we create and offer venues for exploration, healing and personal growth that aspire to be free of dogma or pre-conceived institutional beliefs of any kind.

Meet Our Founders

Co-Founder And Emeritus Director

Cindy Franklin

Cindy Franklin is an  an executive coach, consultant and facilitator based in the Bay Area. She's worked with executives one-on-one, conducted strategic planning and visioning sessions with organizations' senior executive staff. Her perspective is informed by her years spent living in various cultures overseas, and by her many years of meditation and contemplative practice.

Co-Founder, and  Emeritus Director

Zachary Green

Zachary Green is a professor of practice in Leadership Studies and the Director of Leadership Development at The Nonprofit Institute, University of San Diego. He is also co-founder of IMAGO, a non-profit that would work with these outstanding grassroots around the world.. He has 30 years of experience working with grassroots organizations, helping them unleash possibilities and reach their deeper potential.

Co-Founder And Emeritus Director

René Molenkamp

René Molenkamp is  an international Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach. As one of the co-founders of Group Relations International he organizes and facilitates spiritual and silent retreats, has directed numerous Group Relations conferences and he teaches graduate students at the School of Leadership and Educational Sciences at the University of San Diego.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Angelo John Lewis

C0-Founder and Executive Director

Angelo John Lewis is the Executive Director of SINNET and a life and business coach and consultant who has designed, developed and conducted group problem solving, team and community building interventions for clients that include AT&T, Verizon, ACNielsen, and a branch of the U.S. Department of Commerce. He is the co-designer of the Game of Games™, a personal growth and team development activity, the originator of the Dialogue Circle Method™, and the author of Notes for a New Age

Wendy C. Williams

Associate Director

Wendy C. Williams is a Leadership Coach and Spiritual Teacher with a masters degree in Counseling Psychology. She has taken on the mission of helping transition leadership in all areas of life from male-dominated to being equally shared with women. It's her belief that the world will be a happier and safer place with more women taking personal leadership of their lives, at work, relationships and in community. 

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