Sacred Inclusoin Network

Capitol Uprising
I imagine there are Americans with a spiritual outlook who are wondering how to feel and think about the events[...]
On the work and mission of the Diversity and Spirituality Network
Disclaimer: This is my (Angelo's) take and may or not be shared by my other colleagues. There is no dogma[...]
Diversity and Spirituality
As organizational development efforts aimed at managing diversity have become mainstream in recent years, this growth has been accompanied by the refining of what advocates call .
Diversity: The Challenge of the Spiritual Dimension
Diversity Training: The Now of It In recent years there has been a rich rush to receive “diversity training” of some form or another.
Tribal Community, Universal Community
As we move more deeply into the Millennium, there is a shift underway from tribal to universal community. Tribal community is the older pattern and is the experience of community through the lens.
The Field
As a newly formed node, your first task is to create a shared vision, which should in turn lead to a shared outcome. This exercise is one means of clarifying shared purpose…
The Network of Light
From an e-mail exchange from Angelo John Lewis to three members of the Planning Circle of the Diversity and Spirituality Network (DSN), Spring, 1996:
What is The Network of Light
What is the Network of Light? The Network of Light is our term for the web of interwoven relationships between inwardly directed, spiritually oriented individuals, groups, and organizations around the world.

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