We're About Building A Sacred Community Network

Help Us Change the World! Sacred Inclusion Network is About Building A Sacred Community Network

Our private community is for you if...

You're a seeking, looking to explore spirituality and metaphysics in a variety of forms...

You want to participate in  a sacred community that does not not reply on hierarchy or dogma...

You'd  like to pursue opportunities for spiritual growth and personal growth through live experiences, discussions with experts, and trainings

The Sacred Inclusion Network is a network of people who, as one of your members put it, "act from the knowledge that our spirit is connected to all life, all people, all time, all dimensions." Our foundational principles are embedded in our former name, the Diversity and Spirituality Network. True to our roots, we honor all expressions of the sacred without discrimination, with a bias towards accepting as truth what was best expressed by Sting's The Police, back in the day: "We Are Spirits/In the Material World." We believe that there is something greater than ourselves that transcends our differences and that the process of collectively exploring that “something greater”is inherently transformative, not only for ourselves, but for our communities and the world. Accordingly, we create and offer venues for exploration, healing and personal growth that aspire to be free of dogma or pre-conceived institutional beliefs of any kind.

If you resonate with our mission, you're already a member of our spiritual family. It's our hope and belief that joining us here will enhance you, our network, and the world as a whole.

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