June 19, 2020

In thinking about Wendy William's Saturday session on Embracing the Divine Masculine, I've been reflecting on its opposite: toxic masculinity.

How, I'm curious to know, does toxic masculinity manifest during this pandemic moment?

Some men, opines Jessica Valenti in a recent piece in Medium, equate mask-wearing as somehow appearing weak, i.e. not masculine. 

It's interesting that three of the worst-hit countries in this pandemic are also afflicted with heads of state preoccupied with meeting the terms of machismo—Bolsanaro, Putin, and Trump, all of whom disdain the wearing of masks. 

“Appearing to play it safe contradicts a core principle of masculinity: show no weakness,” said Peter Glick, in a recent article in the Guardian. Glick is a scientist who has co-authored research on how so-called “masculinity contest culture” poisons work environments.

Bolsanaro, Putin, and Trump are leaders who have built brands as strongmen offering maverick solutions, and want to be seen as recovery presidents sweeping the illness aside, even if the virus has other ideas.

So what is the Divine Masculine?

Here's a description of this quality by Isabela, the proprietor of the Sacred Light Alchemy.

"This is the energy that unites the world in love, peace, and personal authority, allowing all beings and all things to have a seat at the round table of oneness. It is the man that gives his coat for a person in need, it is the care of a woman for a relative or a neighbor."

On the other hand, toxic masculinity, Williams says below, is rooted in fear, which in term results in controlling behavior.

We'll explore the nature of what she calls Divine Masculinity and Divine Femininity in some detail during Saturday's 11am ET online community exploration, the details of which are here.

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