March 18


Transformational Theater: A Sacred Inclusion Network Experience

By Divspirit

March 18, 2024


Theater has the power to be more than just a source of entertainment. It can be sacred theater: a transformative art that fosters healing. Through performance, we can bring to life the archetypical energies that shape our existence and integrate them into our daily lives.

We invite you to experience the sacred energy of theater, and how it can transform heaviness into spaciousness and darkness into light. You’ll experience how ritualizing traditional elements of theater -- such as re-enactments, mirroring, and improvision – can help us uncover primordial aspects of ourselves, and promote cleansing, balance, and healing.

Miguel Ángel Pimentel, hailing from Cusco, Peru, will guide us in this transformation journey. He’ll draw on his deep connection to the spiritual practices of both the Quechua and Lakota traditions, and nearly four decades of experience in the performing arts, both in his native Peru and around the world.

All Sacred Inclusion Network events are offered by donation. If you don't wish to pay our suggested donation, simply press "Ticket" and choose the "pay-what-you-like" option.

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