What is The Network of Light

August 9, 2017

What is the Network of Light? The Network of Light is our term for the web of interwoven relationships between inwardly directed, spiritually oriented individuals, groups, and organizations around the world. These entities are the organic cells or clusters of the larger Network of Light. They evolve, learn, and form relationships with other cells on the Network. What is the work of the Network of Light? The work of the Network of Light is to actively participate in the co-creation of the Divine Plan. “Members” of the Network of Light are Light Workers, the receptors who attune to the greater will and allow themselves to be used as instruments for the greater good.What is the vision for the organization, “The Network of Light.” The organization, the Network of Light, exists as a servant to the will of the actual Network of Light, which has always existed and will always exist. The organization’s role is to serve as =facilitator, catalyst, and linkage agent. The organization aspires to make visible the nature and structure of the actual Network of Light and to serve the will of network members.What is the mission of the Network of Light organization? Our mission is threefold:To share new models and tools for helping individuals cope with the demands of the post-Millennium ageTo nurture, link and support inwardly-directed, spiritually-oriented individuals, small groups, and organizations around the world.To support and nurture the creation of clusters or small groups of individuals who wish to align in the spirit of spiritual support.What is an example of a tool that might help individuals “cope with the demands of the post-Millennium age?” One example is the cluster, or spiritual alignment group. On these pages are suggested strategies for forming your own clusters and using them as a means to enhance personal growth.I’d like to start a cluster. How do I get started? You can get started on your own by using the resources on this site. We hope eventually to have a cadre of mentors who will help anyone who wishes to start a spiritual alignment group.What do you mean by “inwardly-directed, spiritually-oriented individual, groups or organizations”? We are drawing a distinction between those whose perspective is shaped and formed primarily by outward influences and those whose are directed more from within. An extreme example of an outwardly directed individual is one who professes blind obedience to a particular religious dogma. An extreme example of an inwardly directed individual is a mystic.

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