Walking the Path to Freedom

March 18, 2024

March 30, 11-12:30 ET

Embark on a profound journey to discover the liberating truth behind the illusion of the separate self in our transformative exploration, Walking the Path to Freedom. In a world where personal narratives and identities define our experiences, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the possibility that the 'self' as we know it is nothing more than a construct, a series of stories we tell ourselves. Together, we will dive deep into the nature of these stories, challenging the foundations of our perceived identities, and open ourselves up to the freedom that lies beyond.

This Exploration is open to anyone with an interest in spiritual growth, personal development, or psychology. It is particularly suited for those who feel stuck in their personal narratives or are seeking a deeper understanding of the nature of consciousness and identity. If you're ready to challenge your deepest beliefs and embrace the liberation that comes from seeing through the illusion of self, this event is for you. Let go of the narrator and discover a world of freedom waiting on the other side.

Guiding us on this journey is Dr. Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John, M.A. Mason-John is a public speaker and master trainer in the field of conflict transformation, leadership and mindfulness. They are also the author of ten books and the Co-Founder of Eight Step Recovery, an alternative to the 12-step program for addiction. They are a certified professional Mindfulness Teacher, Recovery Coach, Life Coach, and a Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator and Practitioner. Valerie has been practicing mindfulness for over 30 years and is one of the leading African-descent voices in the field of mindfulness and addiction. She trains professionals working in the field of addiction all over the world.

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