Spiritual Practice for Turbulent Times

January 10, 2022

The past two years have been a whirlwind. There has been so much chaos, confusion, and uncertainty, it is difficult to process.

The purpose of this Exploration is to talk openly about how we've been affected, and what we have done to mitigate the negative aspects of this life-changing experience

Some things we might talk about:

  • How the pandemic has affected us
  • What we have learned about ourselves during this experience.
  • How this experience has affected us in a spiritual and/or emotional way.
  • Spiritual practices we have used to help keep us grounded and balanced.
  • How we're moving forward effectively in a world with so much uncertainty

This conversation will not include anything to do with politics, personal health decisions, or opinions on how this pandemic was handled.

We will strictly stick to the emotional, spiritual, and personal growth aspects of our experience over the past two years.

You may (or not!) remember that we recently started these regular community meetings. They take place every other Thursday at 8 pm ET.

In contrast to our Saturday monthly events, these are informal: for the most part members sharing with other members things they care about.

Another difference: these are totally free (for community members) or require a minimal donation.

The format is simple:

  • we do some sort of attunement
  • the facilitator shares something about our topic
  • we have an experiential conversation or activites related to the topic.

Here's what one person shared about participating in our recent community night.

The subject was The Masks We Wear.

I was able to reach a surprisingly deep level of feeling at the community meeting two nights ago. It was a small group and everyone shared their experiences without holding anything back. Talking about the masks we wear was a very relevant theme to take up, and I am grateful for being in a space where I naturally did not set up barriers between myself and others.

We hope you'll join us!

About the Facilitator:

This Community Night will be facilitated by Ian Lewis, the Assistant Director of the Sacred Inclusion Network. Ian's experience includes spending a year and a half living in Asian countries, where the native Buddhist influences had a deep impact on him. In 2018 he attempted to visit the 7 chakras of the world, falling short and visiting four. Currently, he lives in Ecuador, where he leads the Network's South American initiative and studies organic farming.

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