Spiritual Path Exploration

March 24, 2020

April 7th or May 6th

  • Spiritual Path Exploration
    with René Molenkamp

    Four Tuesdays starting April 7 OR

  • Four Tuesdays Starting May 5th
    or check your timezone 

The Sacred Inclusion Network, in collaboration with Group Relations International invites you to apply to participate in the  Spiritual Path Exploration interactive webinar series.

Five people of diverse spiritual backgrounds and a facilitator and meet five times by videoconference to explore, discuss and deepen their understanding of their personal spiritual paths, and learn how their personal journey is similar and different from others. In addition to these weekly discussions, participants will have the option of interacting by email and online according to a broad outline which will be provided by email well in advance of the webinar.

The goal of the webinar series is to gain a deeper understanding of your own spiritual path and explore how your individual journey has been impacted by your life experience. You’ll also examine the degree to which your current understanding and experience of spirituality has been impacted by your religious or organizational affiliations, learn how these affiliations impact your current worldview, and explore – by learning from others -- how your spiritual practice might possibly be enhanced. At the conclusion of the Exploration, you’ll understand yourself better and gain a profounder understanding of the multiple realities that define collective spiritual experience.

The five sessions are structured around the following questions: Who are you? How did you get started on your spiritual path? What is important in your spiritual practice? Who, if any, have been the role models or guides who have been important in your journey? To what degree is your path connected to a religious tradition or other community? What are your hopes and fears as you continue on your spiritual journey?

Participants must apply by email to be accepted into the program. You can apply by sending us an email to [email protected] by simply telling us why this program appeals to you and telling us a little about yourself. Attendance is strictly limited to six participants. There is no cost for this series, but donations are welcome.

The Spiritual Path Exploration is facilitated by René Molenkamp, the co-founder of Group Relations International and the Sacred Inclusion Network. He is a former Jesuit priest and a current shamanic healing energy practitioner. He also works as an international leadership and group dynamics consultant.

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