July 4


Spiritual Discernment

By Divspirit

July 4, 2022

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There is no skill more important the art of discernment. Whether evaluating a purchase, choosing a partner or deciding a career, making the right choice is a skill we all use every day of our lives.

While most of us have entry level discernment skills, there are a range of situations where graduate skills are required. Choosing a vocation, for example. Or deciding whether what a particular charismatic preacher is saying is accurate or simply hot air.

The aim of this experiential exploration is to advance our skills of a special kind discernment: spiritual discernment: an area that’s far from cut and dry. These include non-physical aspects of life, such as intuition and dreams. We’ll also explore such phenomena as ghosts, psychic phenomena and paranormal activity. We’ll use some simple exercises to practice how to integrate what our mind, heart and spiritual senses are showing us before making decisions.

Our guide for this exploration is Dr. Terry Trueblood, PhD, who’s relevant expertise blends the practical and metaphysical. Prior to becoming a metaphysical practitioner, he spent thirty 30 years as an Illinois State law enforcement investigator and emergency medical technician instructor. He’s a leading authority in the dive rescue profession and in 2010 earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association of Life Association of Dive Rescue Specialist. After redirecting his investigation skills towards the study of mystical fields, he obtained a doctorate in mystical research, become a Master Hypnotherapist and Regressionist, EFT practitioner, meditation instructor, metaphysical minister and tuning fork practitioner.

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