Spirit in Action: Inner Work and the Path of Leadership

July 14, 2021

Where does spirit meet leadership and action, and where does leadership and action meet spirit?

Bob Dunham over the last forty years has explored how action and leadership are not just external events but how they arise from within.

Rather than the common mechanical view of action and results in the world, Bob has discovered that excellence in action, leadership and impact in the world is imbued with purpose and meaning, with resonant connection with others, and a deep inner connection with life, the world, and possibility.

He sees leadership as a journey that takes us from World, to We, and to the meaning in your own Me. The lesson of the inner Me is to find your power of choice in all things – your capacity to generate. This inner search for your meaning has you face your relationship with your own body, emotions, stories, and being. It brings you to encounter your deepest care, heart, and soul and your relationship with life and what is beyond yourself – spirit - and answer the question “what are you going to do with this?”

Then the journey is a learning in action journey outward from the inner me to connect with others and make a difference in the world. The link is to connect your deepest inner care and what you are called to take care of in the world with your offer in the world and your path of developing mastery in action.

In this Experiential Exploration, Bob will sharing his framing of what true embodied leadership entails. He'll then lead us in experiences designed to help us get in touch with our deepest care, and how this caring is embodied in our bodies, hearts and souls.

Who is Bob Dunham?

Robert (Bob) is the founder of the Institute of Generative Leadership and has worked since 1981 as an executive, consultant, educator and coach to executives, management teams, and coaches worldwide.

Bob is a co-author of The Innovator’s Way – Essential Practices for Successful Innovation with Dr. Peter Denning. He also developed the one-year Management in Action program for Dr. Fernando Flores, holds two degrees from Stanford University, was on the staff that developed the three-year Ontological Design Course, and has studied the discipline of embodied learning and leadership extensively.

Earlier in his career, he led the onboard software development team for the Hubble Space Telescope for several years. He also co-holds two patents for workflow technology based on the structure of human coordination.

What is the Sacred Inclusion Network?

The Sacred Inclusion Network is an international community of people who primarily identify as spiritual, but not religious, and which provides a supportive framework for its members to tackle world-changing projects aimed at accelerating personal, collective, and planetary evolution.

How can you participate in the Spirit in Action exploration?

All of our events are offered by donation. Although there's a suggested donation, you can choose its size by simply clicking "Tickets," which will give you the option of "paying what you like."

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