November 30


Sacred Inclusion Network Holiday Celebration

By Divspirit

November 30, 2022

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December 19th, 11 am ET

During our Fourth Annual holiday community exploration, we'll begin by spending some time in silence listening to the essence of everyone on the call. We'll then identify the things we're thankful for, and then inwardly identify what we see as each person on the call's special quality, gift or virtue.

After our time in silence, I'll share an individual blessing or affirmation for you and everyone present, something like "the beauty I see in you is that you're always positive, and always see the best in people. I honor the grace that you bring."

After I model this, we'll all do this for each other in small groups.

After each person receives his or her blessing in the small groups, he or she will take a few moments to take in these blessings and then thank those who delivered them.

We'll then reassemble in the large group and describe how it felt to receive blessings. Each person will then express an affirmation that describes who they are or aspire to be. Someone might for example say: "I am joyously fulfilling my mission of helping others, particularly those less fortunate than me."

Finally, we'll share our blessings for our ancestors and for the world.

The process is modeled from an exercise I learned from Tom Daly, one of my mentors and the co-founder of the Inner King Training.

I hope you'll join us for what I expect will be a very special event.

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