The Reality Creation Course: A Frederick Dodson workshop

February 16, 2017

reality creation princeton

This workshop will teach you the art of focusing your attention, imagination and actions towards a desired outcome. It is unique in that it guides you to shifting your awareness to a place of your goals and dreams “already being true,” by which they manifest in your life more smoothly and speedily. You can be, do or have anything you like in life if you can identify with it on a subconscious level. Participants of the workshop report improved finances, health, relationships, success and well-being across the board.

The workshop will be facilitated by Frederick Dodson, an international speaker and author who has written more than 28 books on consciousness and success. His books have been translated into seven languages and he has held seminars in more than 70 countries around the world. For more information about Dodson, please visit his website or his Amazon page.

The Reality Creation Course is a fun, benevolent but also somewhat challenging 3 days that attracts an amazing mix of people. Just for the people alone, the event is worth it. You get the most out of this course if you come with the firm intention to raise the level of every aspect of your life. The course provides the ideal environment in which to put things you already know into much deeper practice, meet like-minded souls, meet and talk to Fred Dodson and experience much more of yourself and the a thoroughly successful life.

Early Bird Cost (RSVP by 4/9):   $899
Regular Registration (After 4/9): $999
Course Repeaters: $699

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