Radical Soul Care in Times of Transformation

February 15, 2022

These challenging times offer us all an opportunity to deepen our soul work at the most essential levels of mind, body, heart and being.

Our souls signed up to be a part of the global rite of passage happening both within us and in the world right now. We will explore how to own and be grateful for what we’ve been given and live into the truth and power of who we are as unique living art forms to bring our gifts to the world.

Together we'll explore:

  • How to work with fear, protect our minds, and use our projections as an invaluable resources
  • How to best to nurture our sacred bodies and deepen our connections to our beautiful earth
  • How to be true warriors of the heart to address the multiple challenges of racism, the pandemic, and the climate crisis
  • How to align with our sacred purpose and become a creative artist of aliveness.

About the Facilitator:

Tom Daly, PhD, is co-founder of Living Arts Foundation and Inner Sovereign Training, founder of 4 Gateways Coaching, and creator of the Radical Soul-Care Training. He is a teacher, mentor, life coach, and a nationally respected elder in men's soul work. Tom has led support groups and done rites of passage work for over 40 years. He is best known for his ability to create powerful containers for sacred soul work. Tom is a father, step-father and grandfather. He lives in Boulder, CO with his wife Jude.

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