Parapsychology and You

May 5, 2022

Interest in the paranormal and parapsychology have become mainstream.

Not just in popular culture, but also among scientists.

According to one study, 83% of Americans said they’d experienced paranormal activity in their home. TV shows like Ghost HuntersParanormal State, and the Ghost Adventures show that interest in what-used-to-be-thought of as fringe phenomena is at an all-time high.

At the same time, there’s been renewed academic interest in things like near-death activities, neuroscience and quantum physics, which explore the intersection between consciousness and the physical brain.

None of this surprises Jim Hickman, a pioneer researcher in consciousness studies, and the facilitator of the upcoming Sacred Inclusion Network exploration, Parapsychology and You.

“It's not about parapsychology anymore. It's about the larger energetic frame within which we dwell. With the right concentrated sense of mind, and focus, and desire and belief, one can shift the way we experience the world,” he explained recently.

In this experiential exploration, Hickman will present an overview of recent developments in neuroscience and consciousness studies. He’ll then lead us through a series of activities aimed at expanding our sense of what it means to be human.

About Jim Hickman:

For the past 50 years, Jim Hickman has been a pioneer in the study of the frontiers of consciousness. Beginning in the early ‘70s, he spent three decades collaborating with Soviets researching exceptional human abilities including parapsychology, all modes of healing, accelerated learning, shamanism, and what the Soviets called “hidden human reserve capacities.” He was also an assistant to the legendary Stanley Krippner, the pioneer researcher into the study of consciousness, and worked with him at the Maimonides Hospital Dream Laboratory. With Krippner’s encouragement, Hickman worked in the area of Kirlian photography and managed to capture some uncanny images with the Israel psychic, Uri Geller.

He and his lifelong colleague, Jim Garrison, transformed the Michael Fox-founded Wisdom University into Ubiquity University, an accredited global university designed for social impact. As co-founder of Ubiquity University, Jim teaches the popular Applied Neuroscience course, which provides students foundational practices for use in developing enhanced cognitive, emotional and spiritual skills.

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