July 15


The Evolution of the Sacred Inclusion Network

By Divspirit

July 15, 2021


Our Sacred Inclusion Network's mission has evolved considerably since the mid '90s, when we were known as the Diversity and Spirituality Network.

When the Network was reborn circa 2016, we (OK, mostly I!) changed our name to the Sacred Inclusion Network. The reason for the name change could be attributed to two things: 1) my dislike for the term "diversity" (reason for my dislike? ask me!) and 2) my dislike for the term "spiritual" (in short, what, precisely, does "spiritual" mean?).

Initially our mission was simply to create a sense of community to those seekers who if asked by a demographer to define themselves according to their religious or spiritual membership would call themselves "spiritual, but not religious," that is, if they called themselves anything at all.

In the path several months, after Wendy C. Williams and Ian Lewis got involved, we expanded our mission to nurturing the aspirations of spiritually oriented change makers, or people who wanted to "change the world" and needed skills or support to make this happen.

So this process takes place in three phases: 1) identifying core mission or aspiration, 2) clarifying this mission/vision/aspiration into something very concrete and 3) co-creating a supportive "mastermind-like" group to nurture the "world-changing" process into fruition.

We have several tools for ushering this process evolve, starting with Sacred Conversations, optionally followed by engaging in the Clarify (your goal) process. (look up Game of Games in the internet archive or ask me to send you info), followed up optionally again by a structured process for helping members identify and create a mastermind-like structure.

These processes have to date been virtual.

And I'm in the process for creating a live event which I'll be sharing shortly.

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