Spirituality rocks. Whatever the form or faith, it connects us to the greater mystery. More meaning. Deeper purpose. Stronger belonging.

Thing is, we sometimes limit spirituality to its inside game. We keep it private, harboring an internal stillness lit with candles and lined with tender insight. 

Or, even when we do try to express our spirituality in “the world,” sometimes we do so in constricting ways: playing out limiting images of what is proper behavior for “seekers like us.”

What if spirituality also included vibrant movement, unfolding interaction and laughter-filled connection? What if we could honor the interior AND enjoy the exterior?  What if we could express, explore and embrace more sides of who we are, and who each other is, together?

In this immersive weekend, we’ll dive into experiential games and activities drawn from the world of improvisational theater. We’ll find the wonder and joy that comes in shared presence and collaborative creation. And we’ll breathe new life into our spiritual unfolding.

No promises, but participants just might:

  • Build delightful connections with other seekers
  • Laugh a ton
  • Discover new/expanded ways of spiritual experiencing
  • Explore new corners of beliefs
  • Revisit crusted-over assumptions 
  • Leave with a new bounce in our steps

Principles for the weekend

  • Maintaining a strong intention for welcoming spirit, ourselves and each other; while remaining open to the many ways this can manifest
  • Plurality: recognizing that we each have some of the truth but not all of it

Who Are the Facilitators?

Together, we have more than three decades of experience in facilitating experiential learning events.

Ted DesMaisons is the author of the new book, Playful Mindfulness and the founder of Anima Learning. He holds an MTS from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford University. He's taught mindfulness with renown meditation teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn, taught and performed improvisation internationally, and studied acting and voice with Patsy Rodenburg.

Cindy Franklin is an Associate Director of the Diversity and Spirituality Network and an executive coach, consultant and facilitator based in the Bay Area.  In addition to facilitating leadership development through one on one Executive Coaching, she conducts strategic planning and visioning sessions with organizations' senior executive staff.  Her perspective is informed by her years spent living in various cultures overseas: and by her many years of meditation and contemplative practice.

Angelo John Lewis is the Director of the Diversity and Spirituality Network   and a life and business coach and consultant who has designed, developed and conducted group problem solving and community building interventions for non-profit, corporate and government clients. He is the originator of the Dialogue Circle Method™, and the author of Notes for a New Age.

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