June 12, 2020

June 20th

Embracing the Divine Masculine
with Wendy C. Williams

8 am PT
11 am ET
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As someone who's been involved in what-Wikipedia-calls the mythopoetic men's movement for a number of years, I'll admit I was initially taken aback to hear a woman talk about many of the same themes I've repeatedly heard "woke" men talk about .

But I quickly realized that Wendy C. Williams, the guest host of the upcoming Embracing the Divine Masculine upcoming event, approaches male issues from a different perspective than I'd heard before..  

In a video podcast interview I recorded with her recently, she expanded on her view that men are as much victims of toxic masculinity as women.

"As a society, we've put men in a box that says in order to be masculine, you have about four acceptable emotional states," she said.

"It is highly acceptable for you to be angry. It is acceptable for you to be neutral and not positive. It is acceptable for you to be happy for short periods of time and for really good reasons. And it's acceptable for you to be sad for very short periods of time, and only for very good reasons. 

"Other than that, you're not allowed to express yourself and if you do, you are then called derogatory terms related to the feminine by both men and women."

She also believes that both men and women have a role in helping each other evolve towards embodying mature and divine aspects of masculinity and femininity. 

The shadow, or toxic, side of both is rooted in fear, which results in controlling behavior, she said.

"I believe it has to be two-pronged. I believe women have to become empowered and stronger and step out of the victim role, while men need to be supported in being healed. (Men are) actually traumatized by not being able to express themselves" 

I asked Williams, who is also the Associate Director of the Sacred Inclusion Network, what people should expect if they participate in this month's Sacred Inclusion Network online community exploration, 

"We'll explore divine masculine and divine feminine virtues and how we express them as individuals from a wounded or empowered place," she said.

"These divine virtues are the antidote to the suffering we see in the world. Embodying these virtues on an individual level will change your life dramatically. We will explore what mental and emotional habits you have that  lean towards divine or wounded expression of these virtues,  and how aligning with the divine can change your life and the world."

Williams is a Leadership Coach and Spiritual Teacher with a masters degree in Counseling Psychology from a positive psychology school. She's my co-host in our weekly Facebook Live series, Spiritual Perspectives: Conversations with Angelo and Wendy, which you can find out about by going to our Facebook page.

She has taken on the mission of helping transition leadership in all areas of life from male-dominated to being equally shared with women. It's her belief that the world will be a happier and safer place with more women taking personal leadership of their lives, at work, relationships and in community. 

How to Participate: 

> (Preferred) Preregister: Send us an email with "Register" on the subject line to info@sacredinclusion.com for priority access to OR

> Show up "at the door" on the Zoom platform:  https://zoom.us/j/293138919  (Please note Meeting ID: 293 138 919

Or iPhone one-tap :
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