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In preparation for the TOPIC of the Dialogue Circles in May, please watch the following video.  In this video we discuss a fascinating perspective on the global pandemic. Niambi Jaha-Echols, during our recent online community exploration used the metaphor of “time-out” -to describe this moment in time.

“Just like when you have a child and you put them in the corner because there’s some behavior that’s out of order… they go into timeout. And part of the thought around putting them in timeout is (they can use this time) to become back into alignment with what’s true and come back to some greater understanding and  change the behavior.

“And so for us, we’re in this physical timeout,” Jaha-Echols said.

She then used the metaphor of the seven stages of grief to describe the types of reactions folks are having to the pandemic.


Watch the video below in preparation for the May 2020 Dialogue Circle because managing fear during the pandemic will be the focus of the dialogues.


Interrupting Fear Re-framing Our Stories

In this second phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, Niambi Jaha-Echols shares her perspective on how we might reframe any negative perspectives on what's going on...

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