March 7


Catalyzing the Change: Invitation to Participate in Holonic Consciousness

By Divspirit

March 7, 2023

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March 18, 8 am ET

Catalyzing the Change: An invitation to Participate in Holonic Consciousness

with Shariff Abdullah

Exclusivity, says Shariff Abdullah, is the main impediment to the next state of humanity’s evolution. To evolve as a species, it’s imperative that we change our ways of thinking and being, and tap into inclusive, holonic consciousness.

In this exploration, Abdullah will articulate his vision of what a mature, Inclusive civilization looks like, propose concrete steps for embracing a inclusive framework, and unveil an experiment that invites participation into an exploration of what he calls Holonic Consciousness.

“Talking about things like poverty, global climate change, racism, environmental degradation, social justice and other challenges, from the delusion that an “I” is separate from a “you” (the consciousness of exclusivity), is meaningless. It’s a problem, trying to solve itself.

“A deluded consciousness gives us a model of a deluded world. We operate from a deluded yet elementary premise of exclusivity: that ‘I’ can do anything to that ‘Object’ over there, with no effect on ‘me’,” Abdullah says

Abdullah is the founder and Executive Director of the Commonway Institute, an inclusive social change organization dedicated to creating a society that works for all. An attorney, philosopher, researcher and writer, his background includes advocacy, social justice work, and international conflict management.

His activist and empowerment background stretches back to the mid-‘60s, when he helped found the Black People’s Unity Movement, an organization dedicated to self-help and development in inner city of Camden, NJ. After became increasingly disillusioned with the adversarial process as a means of social change, his focus shifted away, from attempting to change society via community and economic development projects, to transforming society by shifting consciousness, while creating sustainable, inclusive, empowered and value-driven individuals and organizations.

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