June 26


Unlock the Power of Dreams with Talismans

By Divspirit

June 26, 2023

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August 19th, 11am-12:30

Calling Big Dreams with Talismans
with Ryan Hurd

Dream amulets have been used throughout history and across cultures for calling big dreams and protecting against nightmares. These practices harness the universal power of liminality: a realm betwixt and between where otherworldly forces congregate.

In this experiential exploration, dream researcher and educator Ryan Hurd talks about how dream amulets can aid with the practice of lucid dreaming, or knowing you're dreaming and having the ability to make fresh choices in the dream. Ryan will lead us in dream practices and share exercises discussed in his new book Lucid Talisman: Forgotten Lore, with plenty of time for open dialogue. Feel free to bring your own dream amulet to the meeting!

This Sacred Inclusion Network Online Community Exploration will be facilitated by Ryan Hurd, dream researcher, educator and author. He is the author of several books on dreams and nightmares and editor of DreamStudies.org.  Ryan holds a MA in Consciousness Studies and a Certificate of Dream Studies.  

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