Activating Egyptian Spirituality

September 28, 2022

The Egyptian spiritual tradition has much to teach us about many different forms of creation: how the universe was brought into being, how to manifest things we want in the world, and how to create a life filled with divine harmony. In this online community exploration, traditional African cosmologist and multimedia artist Marques Redd will provide a map for activating ancient Egyptian rituals that can you can use in your own spiritual practice. The exploration will be grounded in guided meditations and an exploration of how to use hieroglyphics as shamanic tools. Redd will also discuss some of the most potent insights he has gained from the past two decades of his intensive scholarly and spiritual engagement with Egyptian spiritual sciences. Filled with cognitive complexity, wisdom, and aesthetic splendor, the ancient Egyptian tradition provides techniques for manifestation, fostering empowerment, affecting transformation, cultivating vitality, and expanding human consciousness.

Marques Redd is a traditional African cosmologist, independent scholar, and multimedia artist.  The foundation of his work is the reclamation, modernization, and extension of traditional African knowledge systems, particularly from ancient Egyptian and West African (Yoruba, Dogon, Dagara, and Igbo) contexts, and he seeks every medium he can – film, sculpture, academic scholarship, spiritual retreats, performance, and public installation – to bring the multidimensional depths of African cosmologies to the 21st century world. 

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